8 de junio de 2012

SinPlus: Sinplus is the place where me and my brother can transform life’s input in music

When a singer or group gives us an interview, always a small event for Hitboard writers, in this case we had the honor of speaking to a group we have met this year and captivated us from the start, because Sinplus have something magnetic, something that catches your attention. From here we want to say thank the brothers Broggini.
Ivan and Gabriel Broggini are the duo SinPlus, Swiss Pop-Rock group that offer us energetic eleven songs on the album "Desinformation".In our little talk we discovered many things about this group mainly to really inspire us in a world where the music sometimes is subject to market, Sinplus have much to offer from the true and authentic in their letters:

HB: What can you say about the Swiss music scene?
SP: First we want to say hello to all the readers!!!
Swiss music scene? This is a difficult question, because in fact there’s not a real music scene. There are a lot of good bands and singers, but the Swiss music market is very small, so there’s no place for new bands. That’s why we tried with Eurovision. We always worked on our sound, without caring about what happen in Switzerland. We look to the big artists to see how they work.

HB:What is SinPlus as a group? How do you describe yourself?
SP: Sinplus is the place where me and my brother can transform life’s input in music. It’s amazing. We work together since ten years and each new song gives us a new energy. This is music! We love to compose and perform, but music today is a 360° business. So we have to care of many many things, but we are lucky cause we have an amazing professional team made of friends that helps us taking care of what is not about sound (style, design, strategy,…).

HB:Being brothers has to do with the way you work?
SP:Yes, of course. We can trust each other and we have a special feeling. We compose together since we were child and every time each of us brings inputs.
Sinplus project is a family thing, also my father and my mother are involved and we are proud of that. We created something
HB: What can we expect in your new album?
SP: You have to listen to it… it’s pop rock album in Sinplus way! Eleven tracks of positive energy, melody and groove. The album’s title is “Disinformation” and it speaks about personal relations and media acting.
HB: Is the performance in Eurovision a sample of what we can see in your concerts?
SP: Yes, we always try to share our energy to the crowd! Of course the stage in Crystal Hall was something amazing and we miss it, but in the end in smaller places you have more contact with the people and that’s so nice!!!
HB: What did you think about not pass to the final?
SP: We were a bit sad, ‘cause we wanted to perform another time on that stage. In general we are happy, during the last months we worked well and the performance we think it was good…so we got nothing to regret and that’s the most important thing. All the Eurovision experience has been amazing, we learned so much, we toured in Europe and it helped Sinplus to make another step forward. Now a new chapter begins!
HB: Is it unbreakable a good example of your music?
SP: I would say yes! It has positive message, melody and a beating groove. In general it’s difficult to say cause we are always searching new sounds in our new songs!
HB: Sinplus has their own essence, what do you want to transmit?
SP: We want to transmit a good feeling. To us is important that people think, and even if there’s a problem, they have to know  that there’s always a way to make it better.
HB: Will we see you in Spain?
SP:Of course! Not scheduled now, but it is one of the places in which we want to play. We will let you know as soon as we set the concert.
HB: Thank you very much for your time! Any message for our readers?
SP: Thank you guys for the support! Stay Unbreakable and ROOOCK ON!!!!!!!

For more Information: www.Sinplus.net


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