10 de mayo de 2012

Mara Sar: I'm really honored to represent my country

Maja Sarihodžić, known artistically as Maya Sar, is a singer-songwriter from BosniaHerzegovina.

Maya is a friend of the Eurovision Song Contest, having gone as a backup singer Dino Merlin and Deen. Now it's your turn, and alone faces the challenge of representing theircountry in the competition more seen in Europe.

Hitboard spoke with Maya and this is what she said:

1 - Whats Eurovision means to you?

Eurovision Song Contest is known worldwide and that is a big event. I am big fan of this event and I have been following Eurovision since I was a child and there are so many great songs that are hits even today.

2 - BHRT selected you as their representative in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. In recent years the internal election has worked to perfection. A third with Hari Mata Hari, Dino Merlin sixth, ninth and tenth Regina with Laka. Why do you think that this time it was you the one? Why did you say yes?

I'm really honored to represent my country and my aim is to represent it the best I can. Eurovision is an obligationbut also a great way to promote me as an artist and the Bosnia and HerzegovinaI sincerely hope that the song "The Steps I know" and after the Eurovision Song Contest will stay alive in the hearts of listeners

3-Let's talk about "Ti Znam Korake." It is certainly a sentimental and heartfelt letter, can you tell us a little about it?

I wrote the song that is very lively. Inspiration is about love and story is about two people who have been together for many years, but now they are living different lives and do not know where to go. They cannot continue like that, but they cannot also reject one another and all years they had been living together.

4-Your song will be the 19 th representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Of these, what is your favorite?

We are young country and we don’t have a long history at this contest but all our representatives were very good as: Love in rewind - Dino Merlin, Lejla – Hari Mata Hari, Pokušaj – Laka, Rijeka bez imena – Marija Šestić etc.

5 - What do you think is your song have that did not have  predecessors?

All previous song representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina was very nice and represented my country well. The song “The steps I know”is a love ballad that has a message, it is a song that I wrote with a lot emotions.

6 - Is the third time to take part in the festival, but this time as a solo singer. Probably learned many things in your previous experience.  Can you tell us anything about your show in Baku?

Last year I have been at the Eurovision Song Contest (Germany 2011) as a back vocalist of Dino Merlin, and that was great experience for me. I learned about protocol and duties that artist have at this contest. I will be alone on the stage, playing piano and sing the song.

7 - Do you think the introduction of competition jurors can benefit your song?

Yes, I know that people around the Europe will vote for their favorite song, and national juries will give another 50% from each country. I hope that will be fair play and the best artist in Baku will win.

8-eurofans;  Many websites have talked a lot about the fact that share semifinal Bosnia with SerbiaCroatiaSlovenia and Macedonia. Do you think this may be beneficial to Bosnia? Or may be a factor against the songs have a style similar to yours in your semifinal?

I think that will be positive because I will be in second Semi-Final with countries from our region, because we have almost same language, and listeners will understand my song much better. I will sing “The steps I know” in Bosnian language.

9 - Have a chance to listen your rivals? Who are your favorites? Who do you think will win the victory?

I had a chance to listen some of them and what is positive in all this is that all songs are authentic. All I can say is there will be so many great songs and that we can expect a great show.

10 - Many people, including Amnesty International, is raising his voice against the festival site, Azerbaijan, on the deficit in human rights. What do you think about it? Do you think Eurovision should serve to show the world the problems that living in a country? Or should it be a strictly musical contest?

Eurovison Song Contest is only music and song contest and I will not involve politics in that. I think that Azerbaijan will be really great host and we will have great Show in Baku. After Final, I hope that all will be satisfied.

11 - Finally, a word for our readers

Well, I would like to wish you all the best in the future, keep to work on ESC as before. Great job. And fans will listen all songs in Baku and I hope they will vote for me. :) See you in Baku.

Para nuestros lectores en castellano, en unas horas estará disponible la traducción!


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