9 de mayo de 2012

Iris: "The most important thing to win Eurovision should be the song"

Belgium was one of the founders of Eurovision Song Contest, back in 1956. Their first and only victory came in 1986 with Sandra Kim and her "J'aime la vie", but since then they haven't achieved much success, with two exceptions. Urban Trad scored 2nd in 2003, and Tom Dice finished 6th in 2010. After Belgium's elimination in 2011 semi-finals, this year will be a 16-years-old girl called Iris who will be flying the Belgian flag.

This is the interview that the Promotional Team of Iris has sent to the press:

Hi Iris, first, I would like to congratulate you with your selection for Eurovision songcontest 2012! How does it feel representing Belgium on this year’s Eurovision Contest?

This is just wonderful, one great experience, a dream coming true!

How did they propose you participating the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and how did you react?
I simply got a phone call, they asked me if I would like to join the first selection of artist to represent Belgium on Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and I confirmed without any doubt! We had a lot of meetings, and finally they choose me as Belgium candidate!  I could not believe it, the feeling I had was indescribable! I cried tears of joy!

Did you watch Eurosong in the past? Do you have special memories?
Sure! I watch every year!!  I think it’s so nice and breathtaking! I recorded the show and afterwards I sang all the songs along!! 

Can you describe ‘Would You’ in 1 sentence? 
It’s a very fragile song with a hopeful ending.

Can you tell us something about the origin of the name ‘IRIS’ ? 
I really love flowers, and Iris is the most beautiful!

In Belgium, you had a special television show set up especially for you, because you couldn’t choose between 2 songs.  How did you selected the song ‘would you’?
This was the choice of the viewer, because I really just couldn’t do it!

Are you going to change something to the song ‘Would You’? Recording another version? Making a remix? Sing it in another language?
No, I don’t think so, I’ll only work on my act on stage.

Are you going to shoot a music video for the song “Would You”?
Yes we are going to do a shooting, I’d like to start right away!

Wat is your goal for Eurosong?
Trying to achieve the finals, but the most important thing for me is enjoying this great experience!

What’s the most important thing to win the contest? The song, the artist or the performance?
Normally, it should be the song. We are talking about the Eurovision SONG contest, right?

Do you think there’s a lot of politics involved in this contest and voting?
I am a singer, not a politician.

You’ve heard other songs from other contestants already? Any personal favorites?
Ow yes of course, I think this year’s edition is very strong and high level! All different kind of songs, from slows to up-beat songs! So I don’t have any favorite, they are all very good in there genre.

What do you expect from the city Baku, or Azerbaijan as a country?
I already searched the web, what a nice buildings and constructions over there! It’s gonnan be great! I heard they have very delicious food as well; it’s going to be a razzle-dazzle!

The Eurovision Songcontest will be the biggest concert you ever did, for the biggest crowd.  Aren’t you worried? How do you deal with it?
Staying calm and relaxed. Enjoying every moment! Practicing alot and taking care of my voice!

What is THE highlight in your young career?
I won’t forget anything what’s happened until now.

What’s your favoite style of music? Who is your example?
I am a big fan of Carrie Underwood. But actually I like all kinds of music!

Are you recording new songs at the moment? When can we expect your full record?
Of course,! I am working on my record at the moment, it will be released obn the 27th of april. Yeeaah!

Did you ever participate on any other music contest? In general, do you like competition?
Yes, I did won a singing contest from a Belgian teen magazine. SonicAngel offered me a record deal!

Finally, if you would like to leave a message, please do so!

This is really a dream coming true, participating Eurovision Song Contest! This is quite an experience for a seventeen year old teenager. I’ll enjoy every second of it, music means a lot to me! Thank you, and see you I the finals! Iris

We want to thanks the Belgian delegation, and wish them good luck in Baku!


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