30 de abril de 2012

Željko Joksimović: I believe that I did I will return something to this prestige event.

Hitboard had the chance to talk with Željko Joksimović,the singer of Serbia, he told us about this vision of Eurovision, his performance and we could also talk about his previous presence, like singer or song writer in the past years.

First of all, congratulations for such an amazing song.  Zeljko, you write this song, so how did the idea for this song arise?

It just came; I can not explain how this creative process is coming. Then I developed it.

As everyone knows, you compete as a singer in 2004 getting a 2nd place, and in 2006 and 2008 as an author, getting very good final scores too. This year you were selected internally by RTS, although you said in the past you wouldn’t return as a singer. What made you change your mind?

It was challenge for me given by RTS and I could not say no. I am very happy because of everything and never thought that things should be different.
Considering your previous efforts, what do you think “Nije ljubav stvar” has that hadn’t “Lane Moje”, “Oro” or “Lejla”? Do you think it is a winner entry?

I am different then 7 years ago so my music as well. Lane was big hit and I believe that Nije ljubav stvar will be as well. It is much more complex song and with strong lyrics.
Could you advance something of your staging? Will it be similar to your 2004 performance?

No, absolutely it will be different. You will see. I am coming with Ad Hoc Orchestra and we will make some surprises at Baku stage.

You are a well-known singer in the Balkan countries, and this year Serbia is in the same semifinal with Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and FYR Macedonia. Do you think it will be positive for you? What do you think about their songs, do you see them as contenders?

I believe so, but we shall see. Yes all those people are my good friends and they are very good musicians, also famous in their country and in Serbia as well. I wish them all the best in Baku.

In many countries (as Spain or Italy) most of the artists don’t want to take part in the Contest as they feel it’s harmful for their careers. In your opinion, Eurovision is good for an established singer like you?

It has good and also not so good moments. But we shall see. Till now Eurovision gave me a lot and I believe that I did I will return something to this prestige event.

How do the people in Serbia live the Contest? Is it considered as a national event?

Mostly they like it and mainly they watch it. It is event that has many followers and supporters.

How do you think the contest changed since 2004?

It is changing every year and I believe that it is very good as it is always new and different. In some ways it is always modern but with strong ruts and tradition.

You have taken part in Eurovision as singer, as composer and as host. What experience was you favorite one?

As singer daintily, but I have to say that Belgrade event I will never forget in my life. It would be nice to see Eurovision fans once again in our country in 2013.

As reported by EBU, security issues will be strong this year, and the stage cannot be left without lights. That will affect some entries like the Swedish, Austrian and Norwegian ones. Do you think that a full-of-light stage is appropriate for your song?

I strongly believe that the most important thing is the quality of the song.

The Eurovision host this year is being controversial, and some organizations such as International Amnesty are protesting about the situation prevailing in the country. Some people called to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but fortunately there will be 42 competing countries in Baku. What do you think about it?

I think that those things can not be supportive to the host of any event. Azerbaijan wants to show them self’s to rest of the world and to share and learn something new. This country is changing and as I heard it is country of future. All process are going on there. It reminds me of the words that were said about Serbia not so long ago and I know that they are mostly not truth.

Regarding the Contest: have you listened to your competitors? Do you have a favorite song?
This year there are several very good songs and it will be interesting competition.

Can you send a message to hit boards’ readers?
Thank you for interest in my song and presentation and I wish you all the best. Enjoy Baku show.

THANKS a lot for your time and our best wishes for you and your team.
Thank you!


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