28 de abril de 2012

Max Jason Mai: Eurovision It´s a big chance for me, if not the biggest...

Slovak Republic is a relative new country in the Eurovision Song Contest. They made their debut in 1994 together with some of the "Eastern Europe" countries: Poland, Romania and Hungary, and Russia, Estonia and Lithuania. Tublatanka's bad result forced Slovakia to be relegated in 1995, and one year later Marcel Palonder achieved the best Slovak result ever: 18th. In 1998 Katarina Hasprová and "Modlitba" scored 21st. After that 3 experiences Slovakia decided to withdraw and they didn't return until 2009, when Eurovision was already a totally different Contest. Kamil Mikulcik & Nela Pocisková didn't get to qualify from semifinals, and neither did Kristina with "Horehronie" in 2010 or TWiiNS and "I'm Still Alive" in 2011. This year is Max Jason Mai who will fly the Slovak flag in Baku. This 24 years old soloist and guitarist says that his influences are Metallica, Led Zeppelin, 30 Seconds To Mars, Enigma, Judas Priest, Sade, Ennio Morricone, Ozzy Osbourne and John Mayer. Slovakia's bet for Eurovision Song Contest 2012 can be summarized in just one word: ROCK.

Hitboard: Hi, Max! First of all, congratulations on being chosen to represent the Slovak Republic in Baku. How was your choice? Why did you say yes? Did you had to think much about it?

MJM: The offer from RTVS is a kind opportunity for me which leaves the door open, so I didn´t think much about it. It´s a big chance for me, if not  the biggest... So I said “Yes” and will do my best.

H: Your song has a rather mystical message. You are the composer, how did the idea for this song arised? Had you already composed it, or it was created especially for the Eurovision Contest?

M: It was composed for Eurovision although the musical idea, the melody was in my head for a longer time. I went to Florida to record DCYE with one of the best music producers Michal “Elvis” Basquette. I know we reached a perfect sound.

H: Slovakia is usually one of the last countries to confirm participation in Eurovision, and even last year it was announced that STV was withdrawing, but finally you were in Düsseldorf. How do you live Eurovision in Slovakia? Is it a huge followed event?

M: Slovakia is not “Eurovison fan” country. I think the Slovaks are more flegmatic then interested in ESC. To watch ESC is a matter of tradition and we don´t have it.

H: The truth is that Slovakia has been a unluckily country in the Eurovision Contest. In its first 3 attempts it failed to overcome the 18th position, and from 2009 to 2011 has failed to qualify for the final. Why do you think Slovakia had scored so bad in the past? Do you think Slovakia is affected by the lack of neighbor-voting?

M: I think the last years the stage performance was underestimated. ESC is a hugh event and it is not enough only to sing. It needs much more. Choregraphy, energy, foolishness... Slovakia is a small and politically unimportant country so it needs to put more effort to be successful and to captivate the attention of the people.

H: The Belarussian entrants, the rock band Litesound, said they had made arrangements to their song, because rock is not welcome in the Eurovision. On the other hand, Lordi or maNga have achieved a lot of success for their countries with rock songs. Do you think that being the only rock entry can be positive for you?

M: I hope. What else I can do? Just to be positive about it.

H: It has been rumored in some websites that the Slovak representation does not have much financial support. Are these rumors true? If so, how does it feel participating in Eurovision unable to go to 100% in the promotion months?

M: Part of my contract with RTVS was that I am paying all my costs. So as the Slovak representative I do not have any financial support. But nevermind, I am not crying but working hard on my performance for Baku! And I trust in myself in my Band, in a power of my song DCYE. And will never stop working on my songs!

H: Have you been a Eurovision fan before taking part on it? What do you think a song has to have to win the Contest?

M: I was following the contest for some years and was crossing my fingers for the rock songs. What elements should have the winnig song? It has to be original, different. Doesn´t matter in what way.

H: Only one month left for you to get on Baku stage. What are you planning to do on stage? Can you advance us any detail of your performance?

M: Everybody asks me this question and my answer is always the same: it is a secret!

H: Be ambitious, what is your ultimate goal regarding Eurovision?

M: To win! I am a maximalist, you know…;-)

H: Have you listened to the other participating songs? Do you have a favorite? Who do you fear it will be the winner?

M: My favourites? I have several of them. Russian Babushkies amazed me because it was a completely surprising choice. I like the hungarian guys too. I met them personally and I think they did a good song. I just prepare a little surprise on my youtube channel – in a few days you will see…! Stay tuned. J

H: Can you say some words for the Hitboard’s readers?

M: Dear people, don´t forget to rock´n´ roll and thanks for your support! 


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